Enrich your io game experience with unblocked – a unique game that requires you to have tactics for combat. The most interesting thing about the game is that it features the stealth element. This means you have to fight against enemies while covering yourself in the crowd of decoys. You should wait for a chance to assault unsuspecting enemies. You start with 10 bullets, but they will recharge when you are not shooting. You need to know that if you shoot at someone, your position will be revealed to them. Every action you do needs to be careful if you want to win. Through ever 35 seconds, the real players will be marked with 3 decoys. When you beat all real opponents, your range ring will become bigger. Try to go back into the crowd using the stealth power-up so others will not see you. Start free online to express your skills! Have fun with it!

How To Play

Move your character using the left mouse button. Shoot enemies using the right mouse button or Q. Activate power-ups using the spacebar.

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