About Swaarm.io

Have fun with an Agario Style io game called Swaarm.io unblocked! The mission for you in this title is to build the biggest swarm of tanks. You make your way through the map and start with a small swarm that has around 2-3 tanks. From here, you need to build the size of the swarm and make it bigger for a chance of winning. You see that there are bots as well as enemies when you move around the map. Try to kill them all to get your swarm bigger. But, you have to avoid the swarms that are bigger than you, if you don’t dodge them, you will be defeated. Once you have built a big swarm, feel free to chase other enemy swarms and defeat them all to become the winner. You should outplay them using your smart strategies, survive, then get to the top rank on the leaderboard. Play Swaarm.io game for free! Enjoy it!

How To Play

Move your swarm using WASD or arrow keys. Shoot enemies using the spacebar or the left mouse button. Chat or send a message using Enter.

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