If playing battle royale 2D shooter io games is your favorite thing, then unblocked will be a game for you. It features 2D graphics with an epic battle. You will compete against other players in a big arena. All of you are ready for a battle where there can be only one winner. You step into the arena trying to collect weapons and items on the ground. You are unarmed when spawning, so you’d better quickly pick up anything you see on the ground then use them to defeat enemies. Pay attention to the chicken drumsticks because if you collect them, your points will be increased. You have to slay all enemies while avoiding their attacks at the same time. The toughness of the fight will be increased, so try to improve your skills as well as get more strength to outplay other players. You must gain points to get to the top rank on the leaderboard where you will dominate the arena. Have fun with!

How To Play

Perform the movement of your character using WASD. Shoot enemies using the left mouse button and collect items using F.

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