About unblocked is an RPG-styled io game that lets you play the role of a hero trying to defeat all enemies in a fantasy world. Before you enter the arena, you can select your favorite character, a class, and a race then get ready for the fight. Your hero must go around the map collecting lots of items, gold, and other resources. You can use them to improve your hero to get him stronger than ever. When you encounter enemies, quickly swing your weapon to deal damage to them while avoiding the damage from them. You can play with other players as a team and stay close to them for some defensive help or strength and defense. It’s good to work together because you will become much stronger. When your teammates are low on health, you can heal them to upgrade endurance. If teamwork is kept during the course of the battle, you will have a higher chance to win over the enemy team in game! Have fun!

How To Play

Move your character using WASD, aim with the mouse, attack with the left mouse, dash with the right mouse and use number keys 1-4 or Q/E to choose abilities.

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