About Polygun.io

Polygun.io unblocked gives you a new chance to make your shooting ability better. Come play this 2D top-down shooter io game for free to experience new challenges. Polygun.io game is a unique title that features geometric tanks and an evolution tree. You have to use geometric tanks to turn yourself into a faster, stronger and more brutal player. When you make your way through the map, make sure you pick up polygons to earn yourself XP and then you can evolve. These polygons also bring you a small amount of health. You can use it to recover yourself faster. Killing other players in the arena is a must! Make use of your weapons to defeat them all and watch out for the advanced enemies. Pay attention to your evolution tree! When you are ready to evolve, you will be asked to choose an upgrade that can change the next upgrade you choose for the next time. Fight and grind your way through the map until you become the first-ranked player with the best score. Give Polygun.io free game a try and you will love it! Have fun!

How To Play

Move your character using WASD, use the cursor to aim, shoot with the left mouse button, hold it for auto-shoot. On mobile, move with the left joystick, aim and shoot with the right joystick.

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