About Minesmashers.club

Minesmashers.club is an io game set in a big arena in which you have to defeat all enemies and smash them out of the arena to become the winner. Minesmashers.club unblocked takes inspiration from Minecraft. You can pick a class in the main menu then step into the arena to battle against others. You move around the map trying to smash the opponents quickly before they smash you. You have to level up yourself to unlock new classes, such as pig, chicken, spider, wolf, villager, and herobrine. To advance your levels, try to get enough XP by eating food and killing enemies. Food is dispersed on the map, so go eat some for XP. Also, if you kill more enemies, your XP will be increased. The higher the level you reach, the stronger you will become, giving you a chance to win. By playing Minesmashers.club free online, you can show off your skills and practice them through awesome challenges. Come play it now! Have fun with it!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move your character, click the left mouse button to attack enemies with your weapon, and click the right mouse button to sprint.

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