Blocker Survive is a Battle Royale style game set in a blocky world. You will spawn in this world as a blocky character who must survive all dangers to become the ultimate winner. Just like other enemies, you must arm yourself with a lot of handy supplies, items and even weapons, then, make good use of them to destroy all rivals standing in your way. Aim at the rivals accurately, shoot them down quickly before they get a chance to shoot you back. You can even throw a grenade at them to blow them up, which helps you kill them faster. During the battle, you should keep an eye on the time as it will reduce throughout the course of the game. You need to reach the marked circle area to stop your health from losing, which saves your life effectively. Will you become the last man standing? Give it a go!

How To Play

Use the WASD for the movements. Click left mouse or spacebar to fire. Use key E to carry out an action. Press key R for reloading, use key F for throwing a grenade and use key G for using an item.

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