About Black

In Black game online for free, you take on a cool mission which is to eat as many objects as possible to increase your size. You are a black hole that cane at anything in the city arena. Make your way through the city trying to absorb a lot of food to get bigger. Once you have grown in size, you can eat even more food. Leave your guard on as you move around the city because other enemy holes can eat you if you are smaller than them. You’d better stay away from the bigger enemies, avoid getting eaten, and save yourself for a chance of winning. You can use smart strategies with good tactics to outplay them. Black Hole game unblocked is similar to in terms of gameplay. If you are a fan of this io game genre, make sure you play the game for a new experience! Enjoy the game for free!

How To Play

Direct the movement of your black hole around the arena to eat objects using the mouse.

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