About is a fun ocean classic io game that is free to play in a browser. As a baby shark, you are free to explore this ocean and see if you can dominate it. As a small shark, you cannot build dominance in a big ocean when there are other creatures and enemies that are bigger than you. So, you must eat gems around you to increase your size. As you grow in size, you will find yourself stronger a bit. Then, you can attack other smaller sharks, eat them up to get yourself even bigger. Make sure you avoid the bigger sharks because if they catch you, they will eat you, which causes the game to be over. There are two types of gems in unblocked. You will get 3 points if you collect round gems and 10 points if you collect fish-shaped gems. You aim to become the biggest shark in the ocean as well as rule the leaderboard.

How To Play

Control the movement of your shark using the mouse. Hold the mouse or the spacebar to speed it up.

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