About Zombs.io

Zombs.io a Zombie tower defense game in which you want to accumulate sources and construct up your personal base to live on towards hungry zombies. After buying a huge base, you need to fight with all you live to protect your base. That’s all you need in a deadening world.

When you join in Zombs.io battle royale you can also join a party with other people to help you build a larger base and defend together. Play Zombs.io free online but gold in game is very important because you need gold to buy weapons to kill zombies. This Zombs.io game needs you to build a gold stash and after that the zombies are going to come for you. The zombies solely come at night, and with every wave, they are getting stronger. So protect gold stash at all costs! Surround your base with walls and defensive weapons.

How To Play

WASD keys to move. Left click to gather resources/attack/build. Right click or esc to deselect. Q to switch weapons

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