About Zlax.io

In Zlax.io game, you have to pick up lots of axes dispersed on the ground, then quickly throw them at enemies to eliminate them all. This is a super entertaining strategy free for all game that is set in a huge arena full of challenges. You have to make your way through it trying to find as many axes as possible. The enemies will do the same to you, so you must kill them first before they have a chance to annihilate you. Besides the axes, you can also collect plenty of colored gems. When you gather them or when you pick up more kills, you will be able to carry further axes. Keep an eye on your rage bar and make sure you fill it so as to throw axes without ceasing or even turn yourself into invulnerable to damage for a short time, which gives you an edge over others! The goal here is to become the ace of the whole arena!

How To Play

Use spacebar or click left mouse for throwing an ax. Press key W or click the right mouse for dashing.

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