About Zlap.io

You will start as a little cute blob in Zlap.io game and try to roam the map carefully to attack other enemies by using your flail. The flail will deal a certain amount of damage to the rivals, so you must use it wisely as the main weapon. You will control your blob and the flail at the same, move around the map to hunt for the enemies, when you catch sight of them, make sure you kill them fast before they get a chance to kill you. The more enemies you destroy, the bigger your flail will become. Having a stronger flail will surely give you an edge over the enemies. Try not to get hit by the flails of other, or else your game will come to an end instantly. The objective of this IO game is to become the strongest blob in this entire arena. Play it now and prove your skills!

How To Play

Use keys WASD to control your character, and use the mouse to direct your flail.

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