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How well can you build a base to fight against many enemies in YORG.io? Let’s show off your skills in this awesome base building game online now. There are many extractors you need to build for gathering raw materials. Then, you should link them all together for making a useful chain of resource center which will bring you a good amount of income. If you succeed in building the extractors, your base will be much extended, and of course, you will get a better defense. After earning some income, you can position further protective structures to keep your base safe from the wicked hordes of zombies. Place cannons and arrow towers carefully, let them work to their full potentials, and never forget to upgrade them throughout the course of the game. The waves of zombies will get stronger when the game progresses! You must fight them off for your survival and try to become the best player!

How To Play

Just simply use the left mouse button for positioning a building and interacting with other objects.

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