YORG.io 3

About YORG.io 3

If you are in search of an io game with tower defense, zombies, and strategy elements, play YORG.io 3 free online right now to get all of those elements. YORG.io 3 unblocked is a unique io game with a nice combination of various elements. It brings brand new content over the original YORG.io game. The first chapter has attracted more than 2 million people, and with the new chapter, more players will come to play it. The mission for you is to fight off the zombies! You have to create a base and try to beat all the waves of the zombies. You start placing mines with factories to get supply chains that create more ammo for your defensive towers. Through over time, you should improve each tower to get more special abilities. You can get the optimal rate of resources by managing your factories well. Fight with smart strategies and good skills so you can reach the top rank on the leaderboard!

How To Play

Click the left mouse button to interact with the towers and choose actions in the game.

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