Wildland Wanderer

About Wildland Wanderer

You wake up from an accident to find yourself lying on an unfamiliar island. It’s the opening scene of Wildland Wanderer 2D, the beloved survival adventure game.

If you have ever played adventure games but want to find a new feeling, you should not miss this experience. It is an exciting game with a large open world setting, allowing you to enjoy great rides. Besides, this game puts you in a difficult situation, when you wake up from the accident and find yourself completely alone. Now, you will have to find your way back, but before that, think about how to survive on a strange island. Many challenges are waiting for you to test your survival and adventure ability now. You won’t be able to miss it, so start learning how to survive by getting food, resources and fighting. You cannot sit around waiting for an animal to come and attack you. Therefore, you need to actively move around the map, search for treasures and find your way back.

During your journey as you play Wildland Wanderer online, you will encounter many strange and aggressive animals. You need to protect yourself well from their attack with normal attack skills. However, limit the attacks when you do not have enough resources and recovery items. The best way to survive in the Wildland Wanderer unblocked is to stay safe, avoid conflicts and try to accumulate as many resources as possible. Therefore, you need to have the right strategy from the beginning, offensive or defensive, hasty or durable. It is up to you to decide, so winning or losing is the result of a sequence of your actions.

How To Play

Move character forward, backward with arrow keys, jump with Space, jump higher with double-space

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