What is Nebulous

Download then play Nebulous.io game on your own devices to experience awesome challenges. It consists of various features, gameplay, controls, and lots of handy tips for you.

Nebulous.io is a fantastic game that can be downloaded from your app store and played on your own mobile devices. The game consists of so many interesting features, especially addictive gameplay mechanics. You can play Nebulous with other opponents from around the world, defy them through battles, show off your abilities, employ your tactics and try to stay alive as long as possible.

About Nebulous

Nebulous.io can be considered as another Multiplayer game for mobile devices inspired by Agar.io due to its similar gameplay. You have to take control of your blob around the map to pick up numerous dots spreading over the map or even try to gobble up the opponents that are smaller than you. Whichever way you do, you can build up the size for your blob. However, you need to stay away from larger enemies, especially when they try to kill you. If you get destroyed, your game will come to an end. So make sure you protect your blob all the time, survive all dangers and become the largest blob of all.

In-game features

  • You can search for many groups, join the battles with your friends or even engage in a clan
  • More than 500 skins that can be unlocked by using a lot of exclusive ways
  • Tournament Mode with a lot of competitions. Players will have to fight for a lot of plasma awards.
  • You can let other players see your custom skin by uploading it.
  • Online Multiplayer mode that allows up to 27 players per game.
  • Offline single-player mode
  • Many other modes are featured in the game too, such as FFA, Timed FFA, FFA ULTRA, FFA Classic, Teams, Timed Teams, Capture the Flag, Survival, Soccer, and Domination.
  • Featured Mayhem mode
  • Unlock Achievements, gain XP and upgrade Stats
  • Explore Clan system with Clan Wars
  • Join Arenas to experience competitive matches
  • Space or Grid theme
  • Lots of control schemes
  • Server Leader Boards.

In-game controls

The controls in Nebulous game are so simple to understand:

  • To move around the map, you need to use and touch the control pad.
  • With the Split button, you can release your mass in the direction that you are heading towards.
  • With the Eject button, some of your mass can be totally ejected in a direction. You can utilize this for moving some black holes.

Handy tips

You can move the black holes by ejecting your mass into them.

Your blobs will automatically recombine after a period of time.

If you are still at a small size, you need to search for refuge from big enemies inside the black holes.

If you are at a big size, you can be turned into smaller blobs or smashed down by the black holes.

When someone is chasing you, you can speed up your blobs by splitting up.

Tips for Multiplayer Connection

If you want to join multiplayer mode, make sure you already have 3G cellular or above or a high standard Wi-Fi.

Choose the server that is closed to you most.

You can try using other discrepant internet connections if any.

The applications that probably utilize the internet or make your device run slowly should be closed.

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