Present your best shooting skills in Voos.io unblocked and fight to become an excellent mafia! You will compete against other mafia players from around the world in this io title. The mission for you here is to defeat all of them to become the only winner. You have your own targets to destroy, so make your way through the arena hunting for them then quickly shooting them before they deal damage to you. Your life of mafia is at the quality of your character. With 24 mafia characters featured in Voos.io online, pick your favorite one then use his abilities to slay all enemies. Don’t forget to deal damage to various buildings in the arena either because you can gain some money, which allows you to purchase more characters, upgrades, and even new guns that are unique to you. Avoid all the shots from the enemies as you move around the map. If you take damage, you will be out of the game. Try your hardest to survive and win! Playing Voos.io game for free is a chance for you to challenge your shooting skills. Have fun!

How To Play

Shoot enemies using the mouse, move your character using WASD, and use number keys 1-9 to buy mafia.

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