About Voar.ac

Voar.ac is a space-themed web browser game that is very engaging to play! You control your own spaceship and fly it into space to embark on an interesting adventure full of challenges. The main task here is to increase your score by flying the ship out of the white line while attempting to elude other enemy spaceships as well as space objects. If you crash into one of them, your adventure will stop immediately. In addition, you have to keep your ship away from the red border. Do not fly outside of it, or your health will be lost, leaving you no chance to win. Not only do you focus on collecting points, but you also protect your spaceship all the time. There is a leaderboard featured in this IO game too. It displays the players with high scores. Your goal is to reach the top rank on this board to build your dominance in space.

How To Play

The left mouse button is used for flying, and return to Earth by releasing it.

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