About is another Space-themed IO game that is very entertaining to play. The game lets you play as a pilot who has to direct his spaceship that is armed with strong guns as well as a shield generator. Your main task here is to fight against other enemies by utilizing those weapons. You have to shoot them from afar before they eliminate you. try to dodge their assaults as much as you can, be sure to utilize your shield when you can’t handle their bullets, or else you will die. You can see there are so many asteroids floating over the map. Feel free to drive through them or shoot them if you want because they won’t harm you. Another important thing is that the in-game space physics. This means that if you boost one direction, you won’t be able to stop boosting until another discrepant direction is boosted. Enjoy the game now!

How To Play

Use keys W to boost forward, steer your spaceship to the left/right by using keys A/D. Press spacebar to fire your weapon, and utilize your shield with key Shift.

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