Total Crush

About Total Crush

Total Crush is a casual game in which the player has to control their available tools to remove buildings. There are many levels and they have unique challenges.

Total Crush html5 full screen is ready to give you special experiences

In Total Crush unblocked, you are capable of entertaining through plenty of different stages. And, each of them will bring back a distinctive target. Then, you should make use of your tools so you can complete your task or open up the next stage soon.

Play Total Crush 2D free online and finish your job smartly

It is one of the 2D games free online that you can access easily. Further, you can see that levels will ask you to fulfill a dissimilar goal. Therefore, you should not forget to look at the scene before you embark on clearing any floor.

Moreover, there are 3 kinds of bullets in Total Crush html5 full screen, including normal bullets, hot nickel balls, with bomb TNTs. And, they are weapons that will help you win if you know when to launch them.

Let’s play Total Crush 2D free online and prove your possibilities! Remember to earn money and spend it in the store to buy upgrades for your tools!

How To Play

Click Left Mouse and move it while keeping to aim Release it after aiming to launch your weapons

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