Term of Use

Along with Privacy Policy, players must follow these Terms of Use when playing free online games. These terms rule responsibilities and rights of both sides.

You may visit the website frequently not only for Nebulous online but also for other .io games. Hence, understanding the terms of nebulousonline.com is critical.  

We need to be clear on each other’s responsibilities and rights relating to the website. Hence, we can maintain the best service while players could enjoy it to the fullest.

Privacy Policy

When players accept our Terms of Use, it’s also an agreement to privacy policy. You have the right to know what data you collect while playing a free online game. And, to not violate your security, you should go through these terms and privacy policy carefully.


We recommend players to communicate with us using email. The exchange of email addresses means that you agree for us to keep data about content as well as email addresses for the issues.

The website displays Nebulous.io. many other games at the same type and related information like apk files to download. Therefore, the page is also the second channel where we can communicate with each other. Our updated features, guide, and description will present you with all you should know before the gameplay.

Content and gameplay

The website claims no ownership over Nebulous.io, but we have the apk file that you can download and play on Android or iOS system. Therefore, we have rights over content in written forms we published on the site, except for the game and images.

Nebulous.io is not only for playing online any more but downloading is available on our website. Only with a stable Internet connection, players could access the game as well as the newest features, modes, and movements.

Activities by players

Players are welcomed to enjoy Nebulous.io any time of the day. We don’t require any log in for online playing so you don’t need to expose personal data if you don’t want to. Only for downloading, you might need to provide more data.

Besides, we require players to behave appropriately on the gameplay, fair play, and make use of relating content in an introduced way.

Players don’t have an account to play the game. However, nicknames and the process of gameplay will belong to the player’s responsibility and players must manage their action and information themselves.


We will place an advertisement on the website but the content is not from us. We don’t place any responsibility on any content other than the Nebulous game. However, we welcome players to send us any feedback relating to experience on the page.

In helping players to enjoy the games to the fullest, we try to manage appropriate advertisements. But send us an email if you have further requirements.


We will apply the privacy policy and terms of use at the same time. Therefore, we need players to be aware of our actions in collecting data. We will be in charge of managing and use the information to develop the content on the page. Besides, we keep data secured from the exploitation of other unrelated parties.

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