About Taming.io

Play Taming.io game you will play the role of a true survivor. Raise and accompany pets to survive and build bases, after that you and your pet can adventure to new lands in the game or beat other players.

This game has a Moomoo.io style so you can play Taming.io multiplayer online and together with teammates to build their own empire. You start the game with bare hands and a level 1 pet and survive together in the 2D graphic world of the game. Taming.io unblocked when you gain level and get new tools, new weapons.

The tip to taming a pet is don’t hit a wide animal when it’s sleeping, after that use the E key to taming and maybe you will get a new pet. The tool and weapon system in io games is also very diverse and you can only choose one for each level up so think carefully if you need more tools or weapons at different stages of the game.

How To Play

WASD to move and E to taming pet. Click to hit

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