About Sworm.io

As a better version of Slither.io, surely Sworm.io will keep you stuck with it for hours. Give this Slither Style IO game a shot right now to present your skills again! In the game, you spawn in the arena as a cunning worm trying to build a large army of worms by eating lots of minerals dispersed on the ground or killing the enemy worms. You need to go hunt for the foods carefully, collect power-ups too so as to increase your attack power, which helps you survive longer. Do not contact with other enemies when you have no strategies to use against them. If you get cut by a certain worm, you will have to begin the game again from scratch. Try to play with good tactics so you can outplay your opponents. Don’t forget to speed up your worm when you want to catch a prey or make a quick getaway. Good luck!

How To Play

Direct your worm using the mouse. Click left mouse or key W to speed up. Use the right mouse or press spacebar for cutting.

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