About Sword.io

Sword.io is a fun and addictive HTML5 io game that is known as Blade.io and Knife.io. It is developed by BPTop and available for all people to explore on desktop and mobile devices without charge. Sword.io looks like a fierce Battle Royal (Fortnite) match. Actually, you are going to join a competition unblocked, in which, players will have to fight against each other. Additionally, you must stay alive at the moment that you dominate the leaderboard.

Play Sword.io free online you do not forget to collect weapons! They are swords and they are the primary tool during the challenge. As items in Sakura Blade, they can defend and attack at once. Especially, you should learn how to deploy them. Specifically, releasing cannot throw more than holding the mouse button. If you survive and progress, you will receive coins to unlock and purchase many upgrades. Good luck!

How To Play

Press Left mouse to roan and attack, release to defend and attack

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