You become a cunning survivor in which is a hot 2D Shooter browser-based game following Battle Royale style. The game drops you in a vast arena where you must survive all dangers around you. There are no weapons given to you, so you need to roam around the map collecting a lot of them, as well as picking up handy equipment for your survival. Make sure that there are always some crates, weapons and body army in your hands because they are useful items that will let you deal further damage to the enemies. You have to aim then shoot them down quickly before they kill you. While shooting, you should keep an eye on the reload time of your guns, and don’t forget to gather more ammo. Do not stay close to a red dangerous zone, or else it will be game over for you. The goal here is to be the last man standing!

How To Play

Use keys WASD for the movements. Click left mouse to shoot at enemies.

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Nebulous Online