Let’s see how fast you can spin in a fun multiplayer HTML5 online game called! The game is very much the same as and in terms of gameplay. If you are a fan of io games unblocked, make sure you play unblocked for fun and new experiences. You take control of a fidget spinner around a huge map collecting lots of glowing gems to build your speed and size. When you come across enemies, you can bump into the slower players to slay them and take their gems while escaping away from the ones that are faster than you, otherwise, you will be killed and they will take your gems. You can boost your speed to hunt for other players or even escape faster, but this will cost your speed, so you must use this feature wisely. Try to play and spin your way to the top place on the leaderboard! Much fun!

How To Play

Move your fidget spinner around the map using the mouse. Click the left mouse to speed up.

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Nebulous Online