If you love to play pool games with many online opponents, then will suit your desire! In this free for all Strategy game, your goal is to pot the standard balls and even other enemies to earn a lot of points. One standard ball gives you 25 points, and if you succeed in potting other enemies, you will receive up to 100 points, also, a half of their score will be given to you. Try to upgrade your stats with your skills when you advance! During the competition, you need to stay watchful for the golden ball that will spawn sometimes. If you pot it, you will get a strong bonus for a certain amount of time. There are some skills you utilize, such as ghost, swerve, multiplier, and boost. Make the best use of them to your advantage and defeat your enemies for a chance of winning. Have fun, guys!

How To Play

Use the left mouse button for charging the power, use the right mouse for the highest power. Zoom with the mouse wheel scroll. Press key Q, E, W/S, A/D for skills, such as ghost, multiplier, boost up/slow down, swerve left/right, respectively.

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