Super Treasure Arena

About Super Treasure Arena

Be prepared for a great adventure in a 2D Shooter game called Super Treasure Arena! The game sets in a dungeon with 3 opponents, and you will become one of them trying to fight against the remaining enemies in order to become the ultimate winner. You can choose your favorite class, such as a warrior, a rogue, and a mage, then, use your specific abilities to attack the enemies. There are lots of npcs spreading over the map. They are guarding the treasure all the time, so you must defeat all of them to get the treasure. Don’t forget to gather weapons and power-ups so as to boost your strength. Make your way through all challenges, perform your abilities, so you can defeat your opponents. Don’t forget to gather a lot of gold during the game, kill as many enemies as possible then dominate the arena. Are you ready? Try it now!

How To Play

Use keys WASD for moving your character. Press spacebar to jump, and use keys 1-5 to use the weapons.

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