Stone Miner

About Stone Miner

You can become the most talented driver and quarry in Stone Miner unblocked. Drive your truck to mine rocks, sell for money and shop for new trucks, items and pets.

You can play Stone Miner free on PC for free and go on an endless stone mining journey. This is your chance to become the richest stone seller in the world and own the best collection of trucks. So don’t miss the fun and addictive quarry missions here. You will drive the truck to the quarry area, mine until the truck is full and return to sell to the house to buy stone. Then you will get money and it is useful to upgrade the truck or buy what you want. But to play well, you need to learn how to drive because the car control mechanism seems difficult for beginners. You need to click and move the mouse properly to direct the movement of the car as you want. Besides, you not only have a trip but also a return trip, so driving is important for you to play well the whole process.

Stone Miner free to play will help you relax your mind in a fun experience with vibrant and joyful music. But remember the task that you need to complete, that is to strive to become the richest stone seller. With the money earned from selling ice, you should consider spending it on truck upgrades. Because the longer you play, the more difficult stones you will encounter. So you also need a better truck to speed up the mining which in turn increases the earning rate. In addition, you can also use money to buy pets and let them join you on the mining journey of upgrade games.

How To Play

Click, hold and move the mouse in different directions to control the truck.

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