Stone Idle

About Stone Idle

If you need to find an idle game to pass your free time, Stone Idle game is a great free choice. You just click to mine the stone and unlock new levels and items.

This HTML5 Upgrade online will entertain you with its idle but addictive click mechanism. You will be a simple quarry but always enjoy the work and the loot it brings. Just click to mine but if you mine a lot of stone you will get resources. With resources, you can upgrade your tools to increase mining speed and increase profits. With each click, you can see that the number of stones collected will increase by one and it shows in the left corner of the screen. When you reach the required number of stones, you can unlock new levels, new tools and many other cool things. So it’s like a simple upgrade game, play to conquer yourself and discover everything about the game.

You can play Stone Idle online without paying any fee and also without downloading to your device. This is a fun experience to play all the time and enjoy the entertainment it brings. Idle clicker games like Stone Idle unblocked are always a great choice to pass the time. You can play it at any time during class breaks while sitting on the bus or waiting for a friend. Just connect the Internet to access games, click to dig stones, and fulfill your dream of becoming the best stone digger. It is not as boring as you think, because you can level up over time and discover many rare resources that you never knew about in clicker game for free.

How To Play

Click on the stone icon to mine the stone, use the mouse to interact with other features on the menu bar

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