Start stomping your enemies like crazy in a super fun yet challenging Power-ups Free For All game called Prior to entering the arena, you can pick a skin and customize the character following your own way if you want. The main task is to kill the enemies by stomping them before you get stomped. You need to take a leap carefully from this platform to another one, gather a lot of stars dispersed around the platforms so you will get a boost and of course, your size will be much grown too. Keep in mind that you can stomp on the smaller enemies while staying away from the bigger ones. Just feel free to show off your abilities to vanquish all other players for a chance of becoming the champion, which is your main goal too. Are you ready for this challenge? Let’s engage in this IO game now! Good luck!

How To Play

Switch direction using the mouse or left/right arrow keys. Click left mouse or spacebar for a distant stomp.

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