You take on a role of a mighty hero that is armed with a strong stick in a fantastic free-for-all Strategy game called You have to make your way through a vast map trying to kill your rivals using that stick. Just only one hit from the stick is already enough to take them out, however, you have to protect yourself from being stabbed by other players, if this happens, your game will come to an end instantly. As you move around the map, you see there are plenty of pieces dispersed on the ground. Feel free to collect them as much as possible to grow your stick size, which allows you to kill the enemies more easily. If you earn a lot of kills, you will be awarded many gems, and then you can spend them on brand new clothes or even avatars for your hero. Try your hardest to become the strongest hero in the entire arena!

How To Play

Simply make a speed boost for your hero using spacebar.

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Nebulous Online