About drops you into a fierce battleground in which you must work with your teammates to fight against the opposing teams. This 2D Shooter Power-ups game lets you experience some awesome elements, like bombers, hover tanks as well as fighter jets. You will begin with a basic unit, such as the Javelin, or the Manta, then, try to earn more kills for further developed units, such as Harpy and Gladiator. Work with your allies carefully so that you guys can defend your Command Center which is very breakable when the supply runs out. You have to go demolish the Command Center of your opponent team before it’s too late. Survive as long as possible, which allows you to level up. You can change to stronger units after earning a high sufficient kill count. Take this chance to show off your abilities, kill all opponents and bring the final victory to your team.

How To Play

Move your unit using keys WASD. To some units, such as Gladiator, you trigger off their alternate guns by clicking the right mouse button. But to some units with primary weapons, you need to click left mouse to fire them. Press number keys to use the ability of the units, and zoom with the mouse wheel.

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