Winning in game has never been an easy thing! You are going to face off against many enemies in this space shooter battle game where survival and victory definitely matter. The goal here is to create the largest star in the whole universe, which is why you must take out all opponents. Start to fly around in space with your spaceship to gather a lot of stardust that is dispersed around the map. If you gather a good amount of stardust, your star will grow in size. If you become the bigger star, other planets will be attracted to your gravitational field, which brings you some awesome bonuses. Make sure you won’t touch any meteors, or else they will destroy you immediately. Also, you should protect yourself from the enemies around you, perform your abilities and put your effort into ruling the universe! Are you ready? Give it a try!

How To Play

The mouse is used for moving around to collect stardust. Click left mouse to run into enemies.

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Nebulous Online