About unblocked is an ocean game where players all over the world take on the role of marine monsters trying to kill each other. You spawn in the ocean as a small monster then move around the ocean to eat smaller fishes to get your size bigger. As you eat them, you will become a bigger fish and have a higher score. This will fuel your boost tank as well. Once your boost tank has been full, you can evolve into a new character class. Make sure you protect yourself from the bigger fishes because if you don’t, you will get eaten, causing the game to be over. Try to use your smart strategies to outplay other rivals, survive all the challenges, and become the biggest fish in the arena. free online is similar to other ocean games that take inspiration from You can play it for free in your browser to show your skills!

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How To Play

On PC, move your fish using the mouse, and click the left mouse button to speed it up. On Mobile, tap first to move your fish with a D-pad, and second tap and hold to speed it up.

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