Squidly Escape Fall Guy

About Squidly Escape Fall Guy

Squidly Escape Fall Guy 3D will challenge you in difficult skill levels. You have to try to stick to the wall and avoid the obstacles on the way to the finish line.

This is an exciting 3d game that brings the hit Squid Game theme into the player’s experience. Here, your task is to safely fall to the finish line from an elevated starting point. You will have a stick that is able to stick to the wall, but you have to control it well. Do not let your character free fall because the series of obstacles on the way to fall will kill him. But you need to use the stick tree at the right time, avoid the obstacles, avoid the bombs available on the two walls. If you safely fall to the finish line with your body intact, you win and continue to unlock the next level. Remember, the watchmen are at the end of the finish line, they will either cheer or end you.

Squidly Escape Fall Guy unblocked is a difficult game and its difficulty will increase gradually through each level. You will encounter more obstacles, such as barricades, pointed arrows, bombs and more. So it’s really not easy to conquer every challenge, but you can do the best in your time. Besides, when playing for a long time, you will accumulate more experience to play better in the next turns. Notice, the game mechanism is quite simple, click to stick to the mouse and release to free fall. So, you need to click and release the mouse dynamically to ensure your character’s safety before he hits the finish line. It’s time to show your agility and agility in this super hard 3D action game.

How To Play

Left click to activate stick to wall and release mouse to drop

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