About Spheroids

Spheroids.xyz lets you fly around in space with your planet and try to fight off all enemies! Give this awesome 2D Shooter Space game a try now to test your abilities. Controlling your planet is not easy at all in this IO game because there is no friction in space. Therefore, you have to slow down by using your thrust and be careful not to crash, or else it will be a game over for you. The main task here is to demolish as many moons as possible so you can earn orange essence, then charge your power by using it. If someone is trying to attack you, make sure you counter his assault quickly and protect your planet all the time. Show off your abilities, prove that you are good at controlling a planet in space as well as try to survive longer so you can dominate the arena. Have fun with it!

How To Play

The mouse and spacebar are used at the same time to thrust. Press key W to shoot, and number keys are used for power-ups.

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