Soccer Heads

About Soccer Heads

The world of Soccer Heads unblocked is a great place for soccer lovers to enjoy the sport that was named king of all sport. This game is one of the best soccer games. It was so exciting and wonderful that today, there are many clones of this soccer sports heads game.

In Soccer Heads online, your only mission is to score as many goals as you can and win the English Championship. When you start the game, you will get to choose your favorite soccer player from the English Championship. And after you made this important choice, you can enter the match. There are some special power up icons on the field, you can take it by using the ball to hit it. While some of those special power-ups are pretty much useless, some are important and can become your ace in the match. And you can also upgrade your player to make them run faster or jump higher.

How To Play

Arrow keys is to hit the ball using their head. and you can use space bar for kick the ball.

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