With unblocked, your slithering skills will be upgraded to the next level. It is a slither style 3D io game pitting you against players worldwide. All of you will enter the pit and try to conquer a world full of slippery enemies. game will give you a new snake experience. Since you are a small snake when stepping into the arena, you have to gather power pellets when slithering your way through the map. The more pellets you consume, the bigger you will become. Since most of the snake io games are tactical and strategic, you have to prepare some strategies to deal with enemies. You can use your big body to encircle other snakes to make them run into you or speed up to bypass and cut them off, killing them instantly. As you kill enemies, you can gain points to reach a higher rank on the leaderboard. Try to be the smartest snake to dominate the arena! Have fun!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move your snake and use the left mouse button for the acceleration.

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