About SNAKEBUS.IO is a free snake game that is compatible with PC and Mobile. Step into a huge world of snakes then see if you can get through all challenges. You take control of a snake-like mini-bus around the map collecting as many passengers as possible as you attempt to upgrade your bus. It’s good to build up your length because you need to get long and big to kill other enemy mini-buses controlled by other players. After reaching a good size, you can use your long body to encircle others, or speed up to outmaneuver them then cut them off. Don’t forget to pick up nitro and invisibility on the map because your strength will be boosted thanks to these bonuses. Try your best to survive long enough and increase your food chain to the top place on the leaderboard. Let’s get ready for the challenges now! Have fun with free online!

How To Play

Use A/D to move left/right. Press the spacebar to jump, use F for nitro boost and use G for invisibility.

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