About is one of the most unique snake-themed io games in which your objective is to evolve into a giant reptile. When you spawn in the arena, you will have to move carefully trying to devour lots of units of energy dispersed throughout the grid. The more energy you absorb, the bigger you will become. You will see lots of enemies around you. They are not your friends, so you don’t have to be kind to them. You must use your long body to go kill them all! Try to encircle them, speed up to outmaneuver them and have them run directly into your body. This is the fastest way for you to kill enemies. Do not run into the body of an enemy, otherwise, you will be destroyed. You should play free online right now to present your excellent skills and grow your food chain to the top place on the leaderboard to become the winner!

How To Play

Move your snake block using the mouse. Use the left mouse to dash.

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Nebulous Online