About SlimeMaze.Io unblocked is taken in a big and complex maze where everybody has to try their best to conquer all challenges that get in their way and solve all secrets. You play as a cute slime dropped in a big lobby area. When you exit this lobby, you will see a giant maze that pops up in front of you. Gather all of your bravery and get yourself ready to step into that maze then see if you can beat it. On your way, you will catch sight of some blobs of slime that were released by the former players. You can follow them to reach the new path, but be careful with some blobs as they can lead you to dead ends sometimes. You can leave some of your blobs behind too, which takes only 15 seconds to do. When you encounter secrets, use your wisdom to uncover all of them. The goal of game is to reach the end of the maze!

How To Play

Move your slime using WASD, use the left mouse to position the slime blobs or to purchase items in the shops.

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