Sisters Thanksgiving Dinner

About Sisters Thanksgiving Dinner

Join the Sisters Thanksgiving Dinner cooking game and you can discover many delicious recipes! You will play with Anna and Elsa in the process of cooking for party.

You won’t want to miss this experience because it’s really cool and addictive. Here, you will meet two familiar princesses, Elsa and Anna. However, this is no fairy tale world but a fun party coming up. You will help them prepare some delicious dishes for this party to show off your culinary talents to everyone. First up is Anna, she’ll have to finish the honey-roasted turkey before the party starts. So, you will help her cut ingredients like onions, parsley, bread, garlic… and then cook the mixture on the stove. You’ll also enjoy the process of roasting the chicken in the oven, then sprinkle with salt, pepper, and lemon, brush with honey and see your results. Well, if you follow the steps right, your turkey will look great with its golden color and delicious aroma.

Next up is Elsa, she will need your help to make the cake as a party dessert. You will need to choose the dough and many other important ingredients, then make the cake and put it in the oven. There will be quite a few stages to do but you only need to click to play Sisters Thanksgiving Dinner unblocked. So even if you are an inexperienced player, you can play the game from the very beginning. This is a fun game to relax and you don’t need to care much about achievements. Simply cook, learn delicious recipes from princesses and enjoy your achievements. Everyone at the party will be amazed with your cooking skills and you will feel it too.

How To Play

Click to select items (materials and tools) and perform actions such as cutting, stirring, …

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