About SideArms

SideArms is a free-for-all third-person shooter io game. Connect to an arena in the future and take part in amazing fast-paced matches as your preference. The playfield is located in low-gravity areas full of obstacles and strange terrain. Start SideArms online with a robot and fight against multiple hostile androids worldwide at a time. Step into a chaotic place like that you should dodge every dangerous situation and survive as long as possible. Besides, you can perform your shooting ability with other tips and tricks to counter the foes. Play SideArms unblocked and try to score the most kills if you want to dominate the top spot. From basic weapons, you will unlock upgrades or strong equipment when you level up. In addition to daily quests, it is interesting to involve in seasonal events and earn rewards. Let’s customize your hero and hop into the battleground right now! Good luck!

How To Play

Use WASD keys to start to move, Space to jump, Shift to select rocket boots, Left-click to shoot, Right-click to aim, F to choose Katana, R to reload, E to swap guns, ~ to place down the secondary weapon, 1-0 to change sticker emotes

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