Enemies are everywhere in game! Come play this shooting io game for free and use your skills to show them all. The game features 2D graphics and a nice gameplay mechanic which are addictive enough to keep you entertained for hours. Pick a class to dictate your loadout then step into the battle to beat all enemies. Aiming for accurate shots is an important thing to do before dealing damage to other players. You need to aim at them first then shoot them quickly while dodging their shots. For more kills you pick up, your scores will be increased too. When you obtain 10k points, you will find out what happens. Also, if you complete all sorts of missions, you will unlock achievements if you register an account for game. Don’t forget to aim at crates and destroy them to get new upgrades for yourself. The game features 3 game modes, 10 classes and 11 perks to try. Come play the game right now! Have fun!

How To Play

Use WASD for the movement, click the left mouse to shoot and use QEF to use upgrades.

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Nebulous Online