About is an interesting free-for-all game full of items and supplies that you can pick up at any time without effort. It is about a survival match between soldiers and zombies, set in a dangerous abandoned town. Take control of a human character when playing online and your mission is to stay alive at the end of the challenge. It is the key that you will rely on to escape. Aside from your presence, you can find numerous people who are also trapped like you. Along with the gun that you are equipped, you are able to build a base or crush the undead with a car. If your vehicle gets stuck, you can drift. Make sure that it has enough oil to run! In unblocked, it is easy to team up with buddies by sharing the room link with them or fight against other survivors. Try to gain 100 kills because you will receive an upgrade or a new building! Good luck!

How To Play

Press WASD/ ZQSD/ Arrow keys to roam, LMB to attack, RMB/ B to build a base, Spacebar to interact with items, Shift to run or drift, scroll Mouse Wheel or hit number keys to select weapons

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Nebulous Online