Come and explore in game to enjoy the infinity space and mystery galaxy. online is a new and exciting 3d shooter io game with new unique gameplay. You will never get bored with this wonderful shooter game.

The rule is simple and still so interesting with much unique skin for your ship. In this new and interesting io unblocked game, you will control your triangular spaceship and destroy all other spacecraft. Besides, every time you destroy one spaceship, one small minion spaceship will be added to your crew and slowly your space crew will grow bigger and stronger. You will have to move fast to destroy other spaceships while avoiding their shooting and crashing and don’t forget that you can’t leave the safe zone or you will die. So, let’s get on the spaceship and go explore the mystery, chaotic, and fun galaxy in the Shooters io game. Your dream of building your strong space crew and becoming a hero will come true with this game.

How To Play

You can use left-click: shoot, or W/ right-click: manually grow.

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Nebulous Online