About (Shell Shockers) is a 2D Shooter web browser game where you become a dangerous egg killer trying to crack all other eggs by utilizing your modern weaponry. Before entering the arena, you should pick your favorite weapon. When the battle begins, you must hunt down the opponents and attempt to kill them all using your chosen weapon. Try to protect yourself while you’re killing others because they will surely attack you when they have a chance for that. You will see lots of supplies scattering around the ground. Feel free to pick them up to reload your weapon since it’s only armed with a limited supply. You can even collect the supplies from the beaten enemies too. When your health is running low, quickly get to a quiet corner of the map and wait for it to be regenerated. You’d better play strategically to outmatch your rivals then climb your way up the top rank on the leaderboard. Good luck!

How To Play

Use WASD or IJKL for moving around the map, click left mouse to fire, use key E or U for changing weapon, key R or Y for reloading and spacebar for jumping.

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