About Shark

If you love to play fish games inspired by, then will be a great choice for you. The game is set in a big ocean where you become an aggressive shark hunting for smaller fishes. You are hungry now, so you must gobble up plankton with dwelling fishes to increase your size then you can chomp other big sharks controlled by other players. Basically, unblocked is pretty much the same as, except that you are not a shark, not a cell. You have to eat enemies as much as you can to evolve yourself. Make use of your wisdom, fast reflexes and a little luck to outplay all opponent sharks for a chance of reaching the top place on the leaderboard, making yourself the biggest shark in the ocean. Are you ready to compete against enemy sharks around the world in free online? Try it out yourself! Have fun!

How To Play

Your shark’s movement can be controlled using the mouse. Try to eat plankton and smaller fishes to grow your size.

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