About is such a successful io game and it has created many versions, including game. For big fans of this multiplayer HTML5 game, they will want to try out all of those versions. unblocked promises not to let you down. Although the gameplay is quite similar, it still brings you a fresh gaming experience. You step into a huge arena full of generated cells and enemy cells controlled by real human players. You are just a small cell so you must roam the arena eating various cells to increase your size. They are everywhere on the map, making the hunt much easier to carry out. As you reach a good size, you can then assault other smaller enemy cells and quickly absorb all of them to grow larger. However, you have to stay away from the bigger cells or they will eat you up. Split cell into smaller pieces if you want, but make sure no enemies are around you when you do that. With a wide range of game modes, free online will keep you engaged!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move your cell, shoot masses using key W and use the spacebar to split.

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Nebulous Online